Классика и современники

Classics and contemporary

A large two-level apartment allowed free and reasonable use of space.

The kitchen and living room are a good example of a classic interior. The bedroom of the eldest daughter is a charming French boudoir. The rooms on the second floor also represent different interpretations of traditional styles. Italian style is most felt here, fantasies on the Renaissance themes, a balcony is another mini-piece of Italy. The master's bedroom decorated in a strict business English style; the master bedroom also designed in laconic classical traditions.

The pride of the owners and the object of admiration of the guests deserves special attention - a large terrace with a beautiful view of the city. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy almost all country entertainment - a barbecue, a mini-pool with massage, a rocking chair, and a table with wicker chairs under an umbrella awning.

In this space, decorated with taste and imagination, everything done with great love not only for classical design techniques, but also for the ancient traditions of life, for those times when people knew how to enjoy every moment and appreciated beauty.

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