Realized apartment in RC Rybalsky

This apartment was designed for rent. The customers decided to refuse dark colors - bright apartments easy rented, and for a small room it better to use a light palette. Therefore, pistachio and beige-gray colors chosen as the main color, and in addition, we used bright accents...

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Geometry in the interior

Is it possible to transform the interior with the help of geometry? Of course, yes. You can create an atmosphere of lightness and dilute a strict atmosphere with square furniture using rounded shapes. The circle is the most “friendly” of the five geometric shapes. The presence in the geometry of the interior space...

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Individual architectural project

This country house reveals the symbiosis of aesthetics and manufacturability, the harmony of natural materials and design. An individual architectural project initially meets the wishes of the customer in terms of square footage, number and composition of the premises, takes into account the landscape, site orientation and visual connections of the house...

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Key exterior elements

Key exterior elements do not have to be standard. This home turns traditional architectural styles on its head with original finishes. The combination of wood, glass, concrete-like plaster in one chic architectural solution creates an exclusive look...

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Harmony of aesthetics and functionality

The main goal of our work is to always create a beautiful, exclusive interior to the standards of our customers. This credo creates a harmony of aesthetics and functionality, emphasizing personal interests. In creating this project, we faced with the task of creating a new modern stylish apartment interior for ...

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Powder interior design

The bright interiors are impossible to ignore. They are bold, versatile and effective. This timeless design maximizes space, which is exactly what our customers want. Predominantly milky, white is the color we choose to create a light and bright space. A contrasting addition to it was the brass ...

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Monochrome interior: the embodiment of elegance

Monochrome interior is the epitome of elegance The concept of this monochrome interior based on the use of one color to decorate the room. This is a skillful game with shades and midtones. Light shades optically increase the volume of the room, which is why gray and beige became the basis for the color scheme in the project ...

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Large country house project

The right interior promotes relaxation, energizes, creates the mood of all family members and can even improve well-being. We present you a new project located in Kyiv. A large country house meets its owners with an exquisite interior, where you want to consider every detail...

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